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Best Web Development Courses and Training in Mohali Chandigarh

SVIT Technologies Training Programs Durations Are 4 - Weeks, 6 - Weeks , 3 - Months , 6 - Months And More.

Why Choose Web Development Courses

There are many reasons why someone might choose to study web development. Some people might want to learn how to create their website from scratch, while others might want to improve their skills in a specific area of web design. Whatever the reason, there are several excellent web development courses available with us. We can help you improve your skills in a specific area of web design and web development. Our courses offer specific training in areas such as front-end design, back-end development, e-commerce, and many more. This can give you the skills you need to become a specialist in your field.


What Industrial Training Is

Industrial training is a learning programme conducted for a specific period of time that helps an individual learn things more practically through on-the-job training. It acts as a gateway to new possibilities, as the person has a detailed understanding of the application of different concepts and the latest technologies. These training programmes allow trainees to know how things are performed in real time in an organisation, how to work with other employees, and how to solve various problems to get better job opportunities and stimulate professional development.

Industrial Training At SVIT Technologies

Being just a student is not trendy. It's the era of trained professionals who learn and grow together.We at SVIT Solutions focus on providing you hands-on experience with well-structured web development and design courses and provide internship opportunities so you can earn and learn at the same time. We let you explore your inner capabilities by training you under the guidance of experienced IT professionals. Our methods are relevant, practical-based, and in accordance with the latest technologies, which allow you to be up-to-date in your field. We train you from the ground up to the specialist level and make every effort to ensure that you learn effectively. This training will surely make you future-ready so that you can think outside the box and stand out from the crowd.

Training - What SVIT Technologies Renders

We offer a wide range of IT courses to assist you ace your domain. Some of them are enlisted below:

Yes, I Am Interested to Join Website Design Training With Supervisionit.


What is Website Design Training

Web design is the process of creating and maintaining a user-friendly website. It includes working on the design, functionality, and layout of the website. The most important function of web design is to create a website that is easy to use by the users and helps the organisation target its customers easily by creating an interactive platform.

Web designers are responsible for designing a website using various tools, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS, to make an interactive website, and UX/UI and Graphic Design skills to make any website visually attractive. There are several steps to web design; some of them are staging, planning, wireframing, designing, and testing every website. Web design is a very important part of website development. The Web design process requires both creative and technical skill

Web design is also an important aspect of digital marketing as it creates interaction between customers, clients, other users, and Organisations. In this digital world, web design is the most connected aspect of all. A well-designed website is important for creating the online presence of any business.

SuperVision IT Solutions, Chandigarh, provides web design training where an individual learns to develop an interactive website, and its study module covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS, which are essential for web design. In this manner, web design can be termed an important aspect of web development without which a website cannot be presented.

Front-End Developer: Handles client side server technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ReactJs, Bootstrap and jQuery etc.

Website Design Training


Website Design

It focuses on creating the visually appealing and user friendly websites,web pages and apps to gain the target customers.We train you to handle all the responsibilities of web design and to be an efficient and creative web designer.


React JS

It is an open-source framework of Java Script. React Js is a flexible JavaScript library used to build efficient and effective User Interfaces.It is important to have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to learn about React J. One can build components of choice by using the react component feature this can help in code maintenance.


UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is all about creating an interface that is easy to use and looks good.A comprehensive training on user experience(UX)and user interface(UI) is provided that helps in creating better audio and visual interface which is more accessible ,enjoyable and effective for the user.


Graphic Design

It is one of the most important skill for any web designer or developer .It helps in creating visually stunning pages or sites so that customer reach can be increased.We train you for creating effective designs and make you learn various typography ,logo designs ,color theory ,branding and layouts.

Yes, I Am Interested to Join Website Design Training With Supervisionit.

What is Web Development Training

The creation of websites or web pages that work over the internet is known as web developing. With us, you get full knowledge about creating, building, and maintaining websites and mobile apps. Complete instruction on the various tools used in web development, as well as various prototypes to test design ideas, is provided. You are trained to be a front-end, back-end, and full-stack developer:

Back-End Developer: Handles server side technologies such as PHP, Larvel, MySQL, NodeJs etc.

Full-Stack Developer: A person having complete knowledge about both client and server side of software is known as full stack developer. It has become the most desired career option in IT industry.


PHP Development

PHP is used to produce websites, operation backends, and more. Spots like Facebook, Twitter, and Google use PHP to power their web operations. PHP also has a robust and comprehensive standard library, which makes it easy to integrate with colourful third-party libraries and technologies.


NodeJs Development

NodeJs is a platform-as-a-service that enables developers to create fast, scalable network applications. NodeJs uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. NodeJs is used to build scalable web applications, multiplayer games, and real-time applications.


Python Development

Python is a widely used high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language. It has a large and active community, making it an ideal language for developing software. Additionally, its code is straightforward and easy to read, making it an ideal language for development and debugging.


E-Commerce Development

After the website development, e-commerce designers will need to create a layout for the website that is optimized for viewing on mobile devices or websites .We provide knowledge about technical built-up of ecommerce website and how the online space is created to that sites can reach targeted customers.

Yes, I Am Interested to Join Website Design Training With Supervisionit.

What is SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a way of optimizing the website and website so that higher rankings are gained and the reach of one website can be increased. It allows any institution to increase its visibility and reach. It is done by optimizing links, content, and keywords so that the search words of the user can be met.

It is a most important aspect of digital marketing as it helps to create awareness about businesses and websites which in turn provides greater returns. SEO is constantly changing and trending in this digital world.This gives a reason to learn about the latest trends in SEO.

SuperVisionIT Solutions, Chandigarh provides training in SEO concepts. This training empowers an individual to build quality content, and use relevant keywords to develop an effective SEO strategy, with the knowledge about how to do keyword research, technical SEO and link building . Other than this, one learns about avoiding various penalties linked to violating SEO policies as not following these guidelines can result in the delisting of one's website from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and a decrease in online visibility and other non-favourable results caused by keyword stuffing, low-quality backlinks and duplicate content. Therefore, it is important for one to be well informed about the rules and guidelines of Search engine optimisation so that any organisation can be benefitted.



SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results pages.Higher the rank more footfall is on the website and it eventually can increase Pay Per Click.With this a complete knowledge on various digital marketing tools is imparted to increase user traffic and improve the website reach in various search engines.


PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC refers to Pay Per Click, a digital marketing technique which is rapidly growing with the rise in online business. It is a method of advertising in which an advertiser pays only when their advertisement gets clicked. PPC is used in various platforms such as Google and social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram,