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Web Designing

Website Designing Training

The entire process of web design is complex yet very creative. The web designer should be familiar with programming technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

HTML : HTML in web design helps create the structure of web pages, web sites, and various applications. With HTML, one can add content and images to these sites and applications. It also speeds up and improves the performance of any web development.Another benefit of HTML is that it works on all platforms.

CSS :CSS is used to style web development. It helps web designers add colors, layouts, and font styles to a website or application. It works without affecting any content on the website. There are 3 types of CSS, namely: inline CSS, internal CSS, and external CSS, and all these help any website look visually pleasing.

Tailwind CSS :Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework that is highly customizable and does not have built-in specifications regarding how a web design can be created. It can be said that the main feature of Tailwind is that it allows a developer to build a complete platform without imposing any specifications.It is a faster framework to create desired user interfaces. Tailwind works best with ReactJs if you are creating frontend projects. It is very easy to understand and learn for new developers and designers. One has to write comparatively fewer lines of code in this framework.

We will provide you with knowledge about:

Fundamentals of Tailwind CSS.

Styling in Tailwind CSS.

Designing and implementing web animations.

working of Flexbox in this framework.

How animations, transformations, and transitions work in CSS.

Creating responsive designs through CSS.

Tailwind Plugins.

JavaScript :It helps designers by letting them design interactive sites. It is a user-friendly platform with more versatile and flexible features.

Bootstrap :Bootstrap is another framework that helps in designing interactive pages. It is highly guiding as the designers need to add the codes to a pre-built grid system. It makes the designing and development process easy as designers do not have to work on basic functions and commands. An effective website is one where users can find each and every piece of information easily and is very interactive. These web designs aid in the marketing of the clients' projects.Web designing is an ever-trending process as new technologies and software are being developed every now and then. With this, a web designer needs to be constantly up-to-date.

With our web design programme, you will learn about.

Different technologies for effective web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap).

Libraries and shortcodes.

Designing and implementing web animations.

Various layouts and plugins.

Various E-Commerce tools are available to develop E-Commerce websites.

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